Since 1976, Chemcraft has provided high-quality coatings, stains and color systems for the finishing of wood products such as kitchen cabinetry, furniture, office systems, store fixtures, musical instruments, recreational vehicles and yachts.

Lenmar Finishes

Lenmar manufactures the finest alkyd wiping stains, dyes, glazes, lacquers , pre-cats and conversion varnishes for any wood finishing job. Their wood coatings are used by the most discriminating wood finishing craftsman and cabinet shops. We stock wiping stains, spray stains, dye stains, pre-cat and post-cat lacquers, as well as sprayers, tips, hoses and more.

For your convenience, we also offer custom stain and lacquer matching for contractors as well as do-it-yourselfers.

For more information, visit any of our 5 locations and speak to a sales associate.